About Earth Vision Eye Care

Earth Vision Eye Care, founded by Dr. Mark Pittaluga O.D. and located in Boca Raton since 2002, focuses on all facets of your life when you are in our care. Dr. Pittaluga considers himself to be a Behavioral Optometrist. This progressive approach to overall eye care is extremely relevant in today's world. Studies have shown that prolonged periods of computer work, cell phone texting, and playing computer games can stress the eyes and cause damage. Behavioral Optometry believes in assisting the eyes by prescribing a stress relieving lens to be worn while working these tasks.

As much help as we can offer, we also realize that you are as important in the visual improvement process. Taking care of your eyes involves regular checkups, wearing proper visual aids and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. During your evaluation, we’ll discuss every option with you thoroughly while treating you with courtesy and professional care in a friendly environment.


Jonathan Markle LDO / Licensed Dispensing Optician

Jonathan's expertise with lens, repairs and fitting frames have earned him a following in the Boca Raton area. His personable demeanor not only brings people back for his assistance with their eye care, but for a bit of community.