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Dr. Mark Pittaluga shares his 20 years of experience and insight into the treatment and preservation of vision.

Jan. 8, 2013

Nutritional Supplements for Eye Health

Another avenue for rehabilitating impaired vision and strengthening existing sight are nutritional supplements. Dr. Pittaluga seeks to educate and recommend vitamins, herbs, enzymes and minerals to those patients who have questions regarding lifestyle or supplement enhancements to benefit their vision. While supplements are designed to replenish the body’s deficiencies and daily needs to help it perform at optimal health, anyone with a medical condition should seek care from a licensed medical practitioner.



Dec. 15, 2012

Ocular Vision Therapy - Visual Training for Eye Health

Vision therapy, also known as visual training, is a type of physical therapy for the eyes and brain. Ocular Vision Therapy is a group of techniques designed to enhance the accuracy and ease of use of the human visual system. Through enhanced visual performance of the eye muscles, Vision Therapy allows proper eye alignment that improves visual processing, and ultimately will lead to the improvement of concentration and hand-eye coordination. Behavioral Vision Therapy or Developmental Optometry treats issues pertaining to concentration and visual attention.

While practicing optometry, and undergoing vision therapy himself, Dr. Pittaluga has become more convinced that many visually related learning problems can be worked through with vision therapy.

How to recognize if you or your child would benefit from Ocular Vision Therapy

Lazy eye (Amblyopia)
Crossed-eyed or wall-eyed (Strabisums)
Double vision (Diplopia)
Burning, itching eyes

How to recognize if you or your child would benefit from Behavorial Vision Therapy

Attention disorders
Loses place while reading frequently
Skipping lines while reading
Crooked writing
Dyslexia (reversing letters while reading or writing)
Excessive blinking

Problems that arise when we process information often can be traced to visual acuity or how well we actually see the information. Issues with retaining information, reading diagrams or maps and interpreting visual information can be caused by poor posture or eye strain.

By controlling eye alignment, eye movement and focusing abilities and developing binocular vision, visual-motor skills and eye endurance are explored and developed. Repetition reinforces the visual skills attained, leading to improved cognitive and motor skills.

Sport enthusiasts can also benefit from this treatment by increasing their ability to identify rapid-moving objects on the playing field and/or by increasing their peripheral vision. Young athletes can find the edge they are looking for in a healthy manner by utilizing this training. Our team will examine that aspect of your lifestyle and make appropriate recommendations.



Nov. 28, 2012

A Common Sense Approach to Maintaining Eye Health

Comprehensive eye examinations are valuable in maintaining proper eyesight and visual health. Identifying and correcting vision disorders early will greatly enhance the successful treatment process. If you have corrective lenses, examinations will ensure your prescription is current and any variations in your vision will be treated promptly and effectively.

Our examinations are designed to evaluate your eye health and detect any irregularities using a series of test performed by our highly trained, fully certified practitioners. Testing for disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, blurry vision, or other visual disturbances are a part of our examination. Throughout the process, we will educate and explain every option available to you.

Age-related issues affect us all at some point in our lifetimes. If your child exhibits lazy eye or if your vision is becoming blurred as you approach middle age, we can help. By visiting your eye care professional once a year, small disorders will be diagnosed before they become advanced and more costly treatment is necessary. To keep your eyes smiling, contact Dr. Pittaluga today for an appointment.



Nov. 14, 2012

Applying a Holistic Approach to Vision Therapy

In addition to his on-going education and participation in nutritional supplements and physical activity, Dr. Pittaluga conducts research in the study of Iridology. It is said that the eyes are the windows to one's soul ... and how about a map to one's overall health and body? Iridology is a method used in alternative medicine to analyze the overall health of a person by studying the colors, marks and signs in the iris, pupil, and sclera of the eye.

The first published work on the analysis of the iris is credited to Dr. Philippus Meyens, who, in 1670 wrote a book explaining the features of the irid called "Chromatica Medica", in which he stated that the eye contained valuable information about the body. The founder of modern Iridology was a Hungarian physician; Dr. Ignatz Von Peczley. He published his book in 1881, "Discoveries in the Field of Natural Science and Medicine, a guide to the study and diagnosis from the eye." When he was a child, while attempting to release a trapped owl when the bird broke it's leg, he observed a dark mark in the owl's irid, which gradually turned white as the leg healed. As a doctor he mapped his patients illnesses through the markings in the irid. Peczley became a great physician of his time. He published several books on Iridology, but was limited in his observations due to technology. Now specialized cameras and microscopes exist with far greater magnifying capabilities.

Dr. Bernard Jensen pioneered the science of Iridology in 1950 in America. He developed one of the most comprehensive irid charts showing the location of the organs as they reflect in the irid's of the eye. Dr. Pittaluga's studies in Iridology coincide with his on-going belief that there is more to diagnosing and treating dis-ease within the body than what modern western medicine prescribes.



Nov. 7, 2012

The Origin of Dr Pittaluga's Integrative Visual Therapies

Practicing vision care since 1990, Dr. Pittaluga has distinguished himself and his practice as an exceptional primary eye care provider.

Having worn eye glasses since the age of four, Mark has held a belief and desire to help others who have issues with seeing. "When I think back on my childhood and the blur my neighbor's house was, also not being able to distinguish between my mother and her friend when both were wearing similar colors, and how sheltered my early years were until I got fitted with my first pair of glasses, it left a lasting impression with me." Years later, after receiving his undergraduate degree in finance, Mark was motivated to return to school at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (presently known as Salus University).

Prior to moving to Boca Raton to open his own practice - Earth Vision Eye Care - Mark practiced optometry in the Washington D.C. area. His move into his own practice opened the doors for his integrated philosophy "... Optometry positions itself as primary eye care for the patient. My vision for my own practice is to integrate progressive visual therapies and supplemental treatment into this primary care - treat the entire patient for optimal care."

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